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Dr. Bhavik Patel in Lubbock Texas

Dr Bhavik Patel Texas

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Company                  Dr. Bhavik Patel in Lubbock Texas

Website                     https://bhavikkantibhaipatel.com/

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         +1 650-201-0122

Location                     3020 W Northside drive Jackson MS 39213

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About Dr. Bhavik Patel in Lubbock Texas

The work of Bhavik Patel of Research Associates at Southeast Missouri State University (August 2011-March 2013) involved DNA sequencing of Coprinopsis cinerea. In this experience, you will learn how to grow fungi on various media, extract mRNA from the fungal cells, and quantify the amount of mRNA extracted from the cells. The work of Bhavik Patel of Southeast Missouri State University (MAY 2013 - APRIL 2014) relates to the use of nanoparticles as a means to deliver a drug into animal cells. As part of the experience, animals’ cells (PC cells in particular) were grown and maintained for 30 generations by feeding and splitting them, and then they were injected with a nanoparticle-containing drug. Various temperatures were used to determine the efficiency of drug release by the cells.

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